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crews discovered a rift. the project should take about two weeks, and some residents in baltimore city, anne arundel, and howard county may notice a slight decrease in water pressure. officials are urging residents to conserve water as much as possible during those repairs. >> it will be hot for those men and women working on that water main today. the heat back on. hd doppler is showing high clouds through harford county, northern baltimore county, down to montgomery county and bc we are talking about as hot temperatures. i am afraid to use the triple digits, but by wednesday, we could see those. 89 at the airport. humidity is not too bad right now. it will build over the next couple of days. it will end, i promise. i will talk about it in the insta-weather-plus forecast. >> a man is shot and killed in home invasion in baltimore city, and two others are heard. it happened on a lothian road in baltimore. we will keep you updated on the tv 11 and wbaltv.com. now to the latest on the search for the accused gunman over the weekend. investigators said saturday night, 29-year-old tuan thiam
, wbal-tv 11 news. >> plenty of the baltimore city council tonight including auditing city agencies and term limits. lowell melter joins us live from city hall with a preview. >> a busy night. city hall this evening. bill henry has been the most vocal sofar introducing four different bills which he tells 11 news he hopes to improve the way the government operates in the city. >> i would be proud of the council put any, much less all, on the ballot for the people to vote on. even if that does not happen or does not happen quickly, getting the conversation started, for me, is an important part of it. >> bill henry will try his best to rock the city council vote introducing four charter amendments he says will make the city government more efficient and cut down on the city's "strong male role system." he wants to reduce the number of votes for the mayoral veto to two-thirds of the council. >> we have a ridiculously strong male role system of government in baltimore. it is so strong that it infringes upon the legislative bodies ability of to be a legitimate check on the executive power
color. baltimore city, county, you are under that through the remainder of today. i will talk about when the heat wave will break, those details coming up. >>> if you are traveling through the tunnels this morning, construction does continue on 895, no delays. the northbound lanes of 895, clocking in at 58 miles per hour. 95, white marsh, no problems at route ro43, an easy ride in to the city. as we pull up drive times, no problems on the jfx. 11 minutes to downtown east fayette. 695 clear on the outer loop towards 95. that will tick you eleven minutes. eleven minutes from 95 up to 83. >>> breaking news come out of north baltimore, police are investigating a triple shooting. it happened near del reese park. linda so is live this morning from police headquarters with more on what happened. >> reporter: here is what we know so far, police say the shooting happened inside a house. one person is dead, two people taken to the hospital. police repond responded to 5508 at 1:30 when they got there they found two men and one mom shot. one man was taken to shock trauma. investigators were on the s
to feel close to 105 degrees in baltimore city. we're expecting a rise in the mid 90's. top off the humidity and it feels a few degrees higher. isolated thunderstorms are possible if this afternoon. we're mostly dry bank on tuesday with sunshine and high is up to 97. hot and humid weather continues through wednesday. temperatures drop tremendously this weekend. we could use the rain so we're hoping for that. >> if your kids are not quite thrilled with nature, some tips to keep them entertained this summer. bring a drug died so kids can see where they're going. pack a toy or a frisbee and bring plenty of water and energy snacks. bring light weight emerges to jackets for sudden down towards. sometimes it feels like you need a first-aid kit when you're going to the process of getting a new job. google yourself. managers, you want them to see positive posts. be knowledgeable of during potential interviews. it is that time of year we see more car ads on tv offering incredible deals. there's one that caught our eye. >> the chevy love it or return it guarantee. >> consumers can keep an
is live with breaking news of a triple shooting in baltimore city. sherrie johnson has information on a shooting at nail salon in ellicott city. >> reporter: it feels like i'm in a sauna. a steam bath to be accurate. we can see the sun, clouds are mixing in through today. that's the name of the game. as you step out the door, be on the lookout for the humid weather. this is what is going on now as we look at the graphics here, dundalk, we are looking at a little bit of clouds starting and then we see the sunshine. no matter where you go, the sun cloud mix is the name of the game for today. temperatures coming in around 73 degrees, millersville, northeast, pilesville 69. that's the first 60 i have seen all morning long. we are definitely dealing with humid conditions outside. also, very warm, hot, so we have a heat advisory that is in effect for the areas there shadessed in the orange color until 8:00 this evening. most likely extended through time. we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we have a chance for an isolated shower or storm to pop up in to the afternoon time frame. i
there. also we just got off the phone with adrian barnes. she is with baltimore city's department of transportation. she is putting out an urgent transportation alert to people that are downtown baltimore right now. she is telling them if you're downtown in this general area it is best to try and stay downtown for the time being. they're trying to ease up some of this traffic gridlock that we've been seeing here from sky high chopper 13. if you do have to leave downtown, try using the south side or some of the tunnels to get out of downtown. if you have to leave downtown and go north, go north and try to avoid light streets. these water main breaks they have been a huge problem in baltimore over the last decade or so. there have been a number of them. there are some real amazing estimates of how much money it would cost to fix these problems. hundreds of millions of the dollars in baltimore alone to fix this infrastructure. until that funding comes through, we're going to see many of these. the water main is still broken. it is a 20-inch main. back to you. >> thank you. stay with
to determine if alcohol and drugs are a factor that claimed the life of a baltimore city man. marcel donnell smith was traveling southbound on 83 when his motorcycle collided with a car. he traveled at a high rate of speed. he had some marijuana in his position. person in car was not injured. >> now the scandal that has rocked penn state. sports analyst bob costas says today that the university needs to suspend its football program for at least a year following the release of the free report. that report is the independent investigation into penn state in jerry sandusky's sexual abuse of children by lewis freed. and found that coach joe paterno hid accusations. he said if the university doesn't take action against football program, the ncaa will. >> but if they play come september at penn state, something's wrong. >> as for joe paterno's legacy, costas says that free report does irreparable damage. he said they enabled sanduskies abuse. -- sandusky's abuse. >> as the race for the white house heats up, the obama and romney campaigns are accusing each other of lying. the obama campaign says it
. >>> today's other story a heatadvisory in effect for baltimore city after a small break temperatures are back in the 90s with high humidity that pool looks like the perfect place to be. people who work outside must take precautions and drink plenty of fluids and here is a live lookout side, still hazy and hot let's go right to bernadette woods tracking temperature mrs. the first warning weather center. >>> -- temperatures in the first warning weather center. >>> first warning doppler radar similar to yesterday, just scattered about and really starting to develop these are drifting from the northwest, down to the southeast. we are going to see more as we head through the afternoon. thunderstorms building up and southwest of that, a thunderstorm, that will drift towards gaithersburg a few more on the east earn shore. this is just a small portion but the heat will continue and could expand over the next couple days. 94 degrees baltimore right now, the one spot, 77 in the mountains the dew point is high throughout the entire metro area, we are at least in the 90s except just along the wa
boyfriend. >> reporter: and on that december day in 2005, the day her daughter a baltimore city police officer was murdered bernice johnson became the member of a club no parent wants to join. >> some days are and some not. >> reporter: on the days they struggle they have others here to support them. they're parts of mothers of murdered sons and daughters. >> it's a shame that this organization is growing by leaps and bounds, not something we're particularly proud of but it was necessary to do to help parents with this pain. >> reporter: to cope they hold this annual cookout and memorial. they honor those lost and we can those come to join their ranks. >> we want to turn it into something positive and that's what our goal is. >> reporter: they meet up like this to support each other and hit the community to spread a message of antiviolence using the tragic stories of their own children hoping the message hits home enough to keep someone else's child from meeting the same fate. >> this murder, this violence has to stop. >> reporter: the members of moms also make it a priority to be ther
assessments and referrals into the community. we're in about 13 different baltimore city public schools, where we provide substance abuse and mental health screening, as well as provide treatment, referral, crisis intervention, and mental health supports for the school system. it get better, you know? right. get better if you work on it, try to keep yourself focused. it is very important that we find out what the individual is requesting, what they're in need of, so that we can better address both other organizations' problems, such as homelessness, hiv, substance abuse co-occurring, and, a lot of times, legal issues are also in need of. i want to thank you for letting me see this second half of your recovery up until the-you know-golden time of day. so- research to practice is using the research that's been shown to be positive for patient outcomes and applying it to practice. what's your top thing on your addictions list? uh, to keep with the meetings and not slip from them. for a practice to be evidence-based, it would include various models of care that have been tested through research to
with leaders from prim and montgomery counties and also baltimore city today. they will need to pass a bill by august 20th in order to get it on the november ballot. mber >>> our other big story, americans kidnapped in egypt. the egypt man says he will take more people if they do not release his tourist. the people were retracing jesus footsteps and headed to st. katherine's monastery. >> i think the egyptian government has to demonstrate it is able to maintain security inside egypt. if it fails, it will a severe economic blow to egypt, to its tourist industry. >> the pastor has diabetes and his family is worried because he does not have his medicine with him. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton met with egypt apt military leaders in cairo but did not make much progress in getting them to let the muslim brotherhood take power. protestors chanted monday canada, monica, a reference to former bill clinton's extramarital affair. this morning, secretary clinton is arriving in jeer use recommend lemignot -- in jerusalem for talks with officials there. >>> we'll be right back  >>> the
to replace a large part of a water main in southwest baltimore. three sections need to be replaced. officials flag the main with the potential for failure after crews discovered a rip. some residents in baltimore city and howard counties may notice a slight decrease in water pressure. people should conserve water as much as possible during the repairs. >> a double shooting in howard county. investigators say tuan minh pham went to the male and hair- care a spot in ellicott city and got into a fight with a man outside. ham chased the man inside and then took off. both victims are in critical condition. a police officer is on leave this morning after officials say he shot and killed an armed man in northwest baltimore. police say devonte bowman was outside a 7-eleven armed with a weapon. officers responded and devonte bowman took off running. one of the officers fired his gun, killing bowman. the officer involved is a six year veteran. police arrest three attempted murder suspects after shooting and killing a suspect while serving a search warrant in baltimore county. there was a police-involve
into kayak city. we have a water main break in the heart of downtown baltimore. it's enough to make you sick. you see that slick spot? it's all brown, just oozing out, skirting into the harbor. we're talking right in front of the old better's restaurant. that's where all the water is gushing out. you're talking pratt, light street. traffic, as you can imagine, is as thick has this brown stuff. you're not budging. you stay at baltimore, ore leans to get out. we're hearing that firefighters are trying to get to the scene. they complaint because they're blocked. there's no way where to go. wednesday, this coming wednesday will mark the 11th anniversary of the howard street tunnel fire when our city was shut down for six days because of a water main break. listen, we're on this story on air and online at abc2news.com. >>> the man who shot his former girlfriend in an ellicott city salon is still on the run. he is 35-year-old tuan minh pham wanted for firsthand second-degree attempted murder while the two victims are improving. business is getting back to normal. >> reporter: at the nail and hair
county, baltimore city as well. that is where the core of the heat bank will be this afternoon. drink plenty of water and stay in the shade. that advisory through 8:00 p.m. mid-to-upper-nineties through the afternoon. i don't think it will feel that hot outside the city, but downtown, with a concrete, will feel hotter. finally, a cold front on wednesday night. storms possible and week. >> another update at 8:56. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> 8:30 on monday morning, 16th of july, 2012. we have smiling faces, people waving on rockefeller plazas we say hello this monday. i'm savanna
governor martin o'malley is meeting with leaders from prince george's and montgomery countys and baltimore city today to discuss holding a special session on expanding gambling in the state. there will be more meeting tomorrow. lawmaker need to pass i bill expanding gambling in the state by august 20th in order to get it on the november ballot. >>> howard county police or the hunt for the man accused of going on a shooting spree at an ellicott city spa over the weekend. 35-year-old tuan pham allegedly showed up at the spa where his girlfriend works and shot her and her friend. both victims are still in critical condition. police say they found his car in columbia but it was unoccupied. >>> police have not made any arrests in connection to an attempted robbery that turned into a deadly accident. an armed robber approached people in a car in fairmont height early sunday morning. the people outyou had soo the car were told to get down. car's driver got scared, hit the gas and accidentally drove over one of the people on the ground. he died at the scene. the gunman are still on the loose. loos
and baltimore city today. then with leaders from the state house and the senate tomorrow. lawmakers have been at odds over whether to allow a sixth casino in prince george's county. some believe it would siphon customers from other maryland casinos. >> as you say, at the beginning people are enamored by the newness of the casino. they may come from other states to come in. that does bring revenue in. but over time, it just doesn't grow with inflation even. >> a bill would have to be paced by august 20th to get on the ballot by this november. >>> the search for a missing man in prince george's county, police are asking for your help finding this man. oscar washington. he was last seen yesterday morning in his daughter's back yard in bowie. the 75-year-old suffers from high blood pressure and memory loss. if you have seen him or know where he is, you're asked to call prince george's county police. >>> howard county police on the hunt for the man accused of going on a shooting spree at a salon in our area. happened over the weekend at the nail and hair care spa on richards valley road in ellicot
. >>> this is wjztv, wjzhd and wj wjz.com baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> man hunt underway. gun fire erupts inside an upscale howard county salon. the man wanted as a warning sign leading up to the attack. >> good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. we have brand new information. officers say the estranged boy friend of a nail salon employee stormed inside and critically wounded her and another man. wjz live on the developing story tonight. derek has the new lead. >> reporter: tonight there's reports they have found the suspect's abandoned car but the search continuings for the man who opened fire inside a nail salon sending two people here. this is 35 year old now on the run. howard county police say saturday night he came armed with a gun to the salon where his exgirl friend and mother of two children worked as a nail technician. employees at the nearby creamery heard and seen some of the chaos. he encountered a male friend who was waiting the pick her up in the parking lot. shots were fire
sizes it up. today he met with leaders of prince georges and montgomery counties and the city of baltimore. they talked about building a new casino in prince georges county and adding table games such as blackjack at all maryland casinos. the governor says progress is being made toward holding that special legislative session this summer to expand gambling in maryland. >>> new at 6:00 tonight, the pentagon will be chipping in $180 million to help widen route 1 in virginia. specifically, we are talking about a 3 1/2 mile stretch of the road. that money would help widen the road from 4 to 6 lanes and also improve access at the bases gates. >> tonight, police are hoping you can help them bring a 75- year-old man home. stop for a moment, take a look at this picture. this is oscar henry washington. he was last seen in the backyard of his daughter's home in bowie. he was wear ago green button shirt and black dress shoes. if you have seen mr. washington, please give police a call. >>> more problems tonight for george zimmerman. coming up at 7:00, disturbing new allegations against t
of a shower. the temperature in baltimore, coming in at 74 degrees. ocean city, 75. a good place to go. 73 altuna. 72 pittsburgh. we can see the 70s around the board there. weather pattern looks like this, pumping in the humidity and also the heat for today. for the next several days. it won't be until a cold front traverses in to wednesday and thursday, temperatures will drop off a by. we are looking -- off a bit. we are looking at the possibility for a shower, continuing through the next several days. for today, the temperature coming in at 95 degrees, very hot outside, with the humidity, we will feel like we are in the triple digits up to 105 for the heat index. this is a look at the seven-day forecast. i have good news, strong storms in to wednesday, then we drop the temperatures back to normal levels as we head in to the weekend. over to you. >>> health news. subtle changes in the way a person walks could be a warning sign for alzheimers. the findings are the fist to link a physical symptom to the disease which up until now require doctors to begin a diagnosis. in the study, doctors
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has a 40 minute ride between 70 and the beltway. 95 between -- first of all fredericksburg, dale city, springfield, moving well in baltimore on 95. heavier volume are the headlights. that is the northbound direction. still moving at a steady pace. steve rudin has the weather. >> a look at the expense forecast. daytime high temperatures will range from the low to mid 90's across much of the area. cannot rule out a pop-up thundershower. limited to about 20% or 25%. temperatures will fall into the seventies tonight. tomorrow 95-100 degrees. heat index around 100-105 with wind out of the west at 5-10. a cold front is on the way by wednesday morning. more details on that in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 5:31. don't be surprised to see extra metro workers at several stations today. >> the transit agency is taking precautions after a computer problem forced metro to shut down the entire rail system over the weekend. john gonzalez is live at the mount vernon square station with more. good morning. >> good morning. the metro station next to the convention center has just opened. so
for the city. a few years ago we did a special report on the aging infrastructure in baltimore. you have to remember a lot of these pipelines are very old. they've been dealing with these problems off and on for a number of years. estimates to repair these problems so you don't run into this run into hundreds of millions of the dollars. there's been debates on how to fund these projects. in the meantime with a lack of funding you're just going to see more and more of these problems that's what the experts are predicting. mary that's the latest we have now back to you. >> i think all of us have been paying more attention to it because our water bills just went up. yes they did. >> last week knowing that the infrastructure needs to be repaired. when they finally do get to the scene, when they shut the water off a lot of times they have to dig right there, open the street up and get to work on those pipes. >> and mary you know they just announced here about a week ago the city was launching a new initiative where they were sending in specialized equipment into some of these water mains that
, "as unemployment climbed and tax revenue fell the city of baltimore laid off employees and cut services in the midst of the financial crisis. its leaders now say the city's troubles were aggravated by bankers' manipulation of this key interest rate linked to hundreds of millions of dollars the city had borrowed." so there are real world -- >> there are absolutely real world consequences to this. there are counterparties through all these swap transactions which is what they were trying to manipulate, and those counterparties were being hurt by it, absolutely. it's shocking. it should be punished very severely. and i think there probably is going to be more information coming out about it so i think it's just starting, i don't think it's over. >> you say they should be punished, but the justice department the other day in this settlement with barclays let the bank off if it paid the fine. so that doesn't suggest severe punishment. does it? >> well, you know, i think another thing that troubles me about all the enforcement actions that are brought, and there haven't been enough o
. a water main break in downtown baltimore. capt. roy taylor is over this scene. the >> it city police are in the
or renovate homes, and live in the city. city. joel d. smitt is mmoe on thattprogram and another that's alrrady working to bring moreeresidents intt the city. good morning joel dd 3 public works will begin replacing three sections f a baltimore this morning. morning.water ustomers near &pwwistler and wilmarco avenues may notice a sliggt drop in pressure as the repairs continu. continue.sections of the 54 weeks to replace.uire two reppace....and public workss continue conservation efforts until the repairs a re complete. mitt romney waats president barack obama to apologize for his campaign's suggestion... that he may have committee a felony in his claims to the securitiee and exchange commission about his tenure at bain capital. but as anna kooiman explains... the president is making it clear... there's no ppology on the way. way. the obama campaign, looking for answers over whether mitt romney was aa the helm of the private equity firm when it sent jobs overseas. when it comes to mitt romney's period of time from 19--9 to 2001, is in question. that's the time whennr
and it's unclear if one of the persons shot was the one holding the gun. live at city police headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. >>> volunteer firefighters in baltimore are warning of a case of mistaken identity. telemarketers have been calling homes and claiming to be affiliated with fire companies. volunteer fire companys in baltimore do not do fundraising over the phone. they rely on direct mail and door to door campaigns. >>> news around the nation, arrest has been made and two female bodies have been found in the search for two missing women in missouri. the bodies were found in a field sunday. police won't say if they were the women missing since friday. a tip came from a person of interest in the case. the person has been arrested. >>> artists painted over a halo over joe paterno on a mural at penn state he removed the halo in the wake of the report that said the school could have done more to stop the abuse. the halo was added to the popular mural after paterno's death this year. a blue ribbon symbolizing support for child abuse victims remains on paterno's jacket. >>> a teen who h
in the city and feels like 100 for annapolis. baltimore right now, feels like 99 degrees. so, spotty storms around at 7:00. once the sun sets most of the storms, and we're not talking a lot, but spotty. they begin to weaken and fall a part. the temperatures stay well-warm and muggy, on through the evening hours. the heat building at least for the next couple of days, but there is relief to the heat in our five-day forecast. >> that is good to hear. thank you, see you soon. >>> don't forget the fox 5 weather app. supereasy to download on your iphone or ipad and you can find it on www.myfoxdc.com. >> coming up, a woman claimed she was abused by george zimmerman as a child. >> a top official steps down in the wake of a band hazing scandal at a historically black university. >> if you have a story idea, call us at 2028953000 or send us an e-mail to www.fox5tips@wttg.com. com. i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee
are calling people saying they're with the baltimore county firefighters association but the callers are no none of the volunteer fire companies in baltimore use telephone fund-raising. >> well, the latest tonight. the olympics are less than two weeks away and the city of london is make find preparations. according to a recent report they have a lot of work to do twee comes to security. suspects on terror watch lists were waved through immigration in the last three days. inexperienced officers were to blame for failing to catch them. despite the breach, the uk has stepped up secured. the olympics will mark the largest british military deployment since world war ii. british authorities have not responded to today's report but they have pledged that the games will be safe. >>> more than 235,000 people are expected to fly into heathrow parent today. that's about a quarter more than usual, a record for the airport. officials say extra staff will be on hand to handle the long lines. more than 500 volunteers, speaking 20 different languages will welcome olympic athletes and officials. >>>
ccmpetitive edgee.. she can get... in thhs housing market. -3 3 is the mayor of baltimore too powerful? at leasttone councilmaa ttinks so and is - trying to do something abouttit..- itt bill henry is introducing several mendments to the city charter at tonights council meeting. the amenddents would make it easier for the counccl to override a mayoral veto and allowttemmto choose hoo money ttey cut rom budget is spent. the changes are all about -33 giving the council more leverage when it comes to & deciding how the city should spend its money, and limiting the powerr of the mayor henry says re tooobroad. 3 38802"lot of placee have a strong mayoo, ours is ridiculously stonrg, comapped to otherrplaces" pllces" henry also wants o reducc the council from 14 to 9 mmmbbrs. he also wants term limits for council meebers -3 3 we.... now... know... the winner... of... our... fox45 ... stopped by & ...fox45 ...morniig news today..../candace dold... introddces us ...to tte talentee ..17 yeer old....
national airport, 104 degrees in stephens city. the dew point levels are expected to settle down a little in the afternoon. we're not looking at any heat advisory across the immediate d.c. area. however, baltimore has a heat advisory for the afternoon and into the early evening. this is the warm front that lifted to the north. now we are under all that warm moist air. a few showers moved across central pennsylvania and they quickly fizzled out as they moved to our area. expect things to remain mainly dry and throughout the day. cloudy conditions right now. later this afternoon we may see a few pop up thunderstorms, temperatures well into the 90s across the area. tomorrow, even warmer temperatures expected. i would not be surprised if some areas see nearly 100 degrees. mid 90's in montgomery county. and in frederick and hagerstown, the same. the heat and humidity will last three more days. and a cold front arrives late wednesday. partly to mostly sunny, 20 brunt -- 25% chance of pop up thunderstorms later on today. nighttime lows in the '70s. high temperature tomorrow 95- 100. there could
the access to the biggest heat will be today. rapid city, minneapolis, green bay, even into chicago. temperatures once again between 90 12k3 100. tomorrow, that access heat moves into the northeast. philadelphia, washington, baltimore within more 1 00 degree days on tap for you. washington, washington has already had five times they've hit 100 degrees this year. today's high temperature, washington 95 today. staying in the 80s and low 90s. chicago, 96. kansas city, 97. but you can see where the swath of heat is. minneapolis, this is definitely going to go down the road books for the twin citys this summer. highs tomorrow, washington gets to 101 and you can see where the heat is. but then, this is a short lived affair. nothing like what we've been dealing with. cold front will move through, dry things out and cool things down for thursday and friday. a whole different picture than the heat of what we're seeing at the beginning of the week. in terms of the flood threat to the west, heavy rain is expected. strong storms, wind gusts, even lightning expected for the west today as another
in the northeast, will be your extreme heat, d.c. 100 degrees for you. also today in new york city there is a heat advisory, tomorrow new york, to harrisburg, philadelphia, washington, baltimore, washington already had five 100-degree days this year and let's tack on another. not for today, today throughout the mid-atlantic, mid-90s and 93 in georgia and almost 100 in the twin cities. here's the access of the heat today. it shifts eastward once again. we've seen this before, we're at 101 in washington. the difference between this and the last heat wave, this is a two-day affair, today and tomorrow. then we'll see a cold front come through and cool the temperatures into much more comfortable territory. the big picture around the country. here's where the heat is through the plains and northeast. hot as well in the southwest. we've seen that with some storms up and down the mountains and the west. back to you. >> thank you, alexandra. >> we won't know for sure what killed sage stallone. the coroner conducted an autopsy on his oldest son. he was engaged to be married and working on various film proje
be what it would cost in downtown baltimore, but in this case you are a long way from the city. it was built to put out fires on that base, but it is now for the most part closed. it was closed down a number of years ago. another issue we found with that particular building and that there is a lot of ground contamination due to the activities going on at the base. what the value of that building? it's difficult to say. the property people we spoke to doubted the value was anything close to what the federal database specified that it was. it is going to be really hard to find a buyer for it firehouse that has been closed for 10 years on contaminated ground. host: we have an interior shot also. guest: it did not look that much better. we had to wear hard hats. we could only go into some parts. we did not want to get hit with falling debris. but host: massachusetts on the democratic line. caller: i have a comment than a question. is this nongovernment fraud to undermine the tax payers and take away their purchasing power basically to just take the power away from the people? we al
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